THE GOAL: to create the least amount of waste during production as possible and recycling the waste we do create in a sustainable way! 

PACKAGING: I'm proud to say that all orders are now packaged 100% plastic free! Your package will consist of a kraft box with compostable tape, shipping label and tissue paper. Your jewelry will come on paper cards in a cotton reusable bag. All of these contents can either be reused or recycled!

MATERIALS: All of the metals that we purchase are ethically sourced and most are recycled metals! If you'd like more information on this, we'd be happy to share!

SCRAP METAL: Figuring out exact measurements for production ensures that we won’t have odd ends and scraps left over. In most cases, it’s impossible to use every last scrap so it’s super important that we recycle these properly! We do this by sending all our precious metal scraps back to our supplier for them to recycle/melt down properly to be reused. We keep some scraps to be reused when possible and never throw scrap metals into the trash.

SUPPLY ORDERS: When we order supplies they come wrapped in so much packaging! We keep every box/ piece of bubble wrap/ plastic bag that can be reused to ship out our wholesale orders.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP: Recycle or reuse the packaging materials and use the cotton bag to store your jewelry in! The fashion industry creates so much waste, let's not add to this!

Our jewelry was made to last. Don't ever just toss your jewelry in the trash when you don’t want to wear it anymore or if an item broke! Instead, donate your jewelry, pass it down to your kids or send it back to me to be repaired or recycled properly. This is so important and I really appreciate you continuing our zero waste efforts.